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Since the worldwide release of our book we had an enormous amount of helpful and positive feedback. Most of you wanted to know how to be part of Horografia Multi-Touch textbook.

So we are giving, for the first time, the chance to all of you professionals to be part of Horografia content, by contributing your knowledge.

If your subject of expertise is on dance performing (educators, dancers, performers, producers, organizers, publishers, musicians, faculty members, researchers, writers, creators, and entrepreneurs) then we are willing to include you (with full details), in the section you will contribute or write.

Although we are planning to reduce the price of Horografia Multi-Touch textbook, to a symbolic amount to make it even more accessible, we can provide to you a small fee.

Our need to share with the rest of the world our knowledge and long research on dance, led us to rewrite and evolve the history of dance education.

Now we want you to be part of this global initiative by writing your own name in the history of dance.